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Lupine meadow at sunset, Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

Hinterlands Explosion

I found this wonderful meadow of blooming Lupine up Gothic road north of the quirky ski town of Mount Crested Butte. The monsoon was a little weak on this afternoon, but the clouds happened to hang around until sunset providing me with some great shapes and nice color. I used an ultra wide-angle lens getting in close to the most profuse blooms and framed in the spectacular sky waiting until the color in the clouds reached its peak before tripping the shutter.

See more of my Colorado images in the Mountain Magic gallery on my website.


Great Falls Autumn Workshop 2009 & End of the Fall Workshop Season

This past weekend marked the end of our fall workshop season with our Great Falls Autumn Workshop. The weather was challenging with lots of clouds and rain. No breaks in the sun at all for 3 days! We made the best of it and all came away with some really nice images. The color was pretty sweet especially along Scotts Run. Here is a small gallery of images. Enjoy!

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Our Next event is at Meadowlark, VA:

Mini-Workshop at Meadowlark Nature Center

In this four-hour mini-workshop, we will describe the techniques of abstract photography, of line and shape, as well as multiple exposure, panning, macro techniques, and software manipulation. Two hours will be devoted to outdoor experience. Please dress appropriately.

Register here 


Fall color on the Tye River below Crabtree Falls, George Washington National Forest, Virginia

I took a quick two-day trip this past week to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virgina to shoot Crabtree Meadow Falls in the George Washington National Forest and to skip on over the Babcock State Park in West Virginia to photograph the iconic Grist Mill with fall color. The image below was made on the morning of the second day of the trip after spending a little time hiking the falls trail. I had shot this scene before in the spring, but made a note to return here in the fall to get a shot with fallen leaves and some nice color in the background. In order to get the right perspective for this image, i climbed into the water almost falling a few times on the slick rocks. The perspective from the banks just didn’t line up the cascades and fall color in the distance, so it was necessary to get my feet wet to make this image. Enjoy and stop back later this week for some more images from the trip, Joe.


To order prints, sign up for nature photography workshops and classes as well as browse a large selection of images from across the United States, please visit my website at


Waterfalls and color along the Mad River at sunset in Vermont.


I made this image on the very first outing of this years Vermont Photo Workshop. It was a gloomy and rainy day and after we had finished up shooting at Moss Glen Falls I took the group a bit up Rt. 100 to this great little section of falls. The light levels were very low and many in  the group probably thought what the hell is this guy doing trying to shoot this image in such low light. We arrived 10 minutes after official sunset. I got into the stream and encouraged some other to follow. We set up a tight composition of the falls with a nice bit of color in the background. I metered out 30 seconds at f11. I knew I needed a bit more DOF, so I moved the aperture up to f16 and increased the exposure to 1 minute. I also manually set my white balances color temperature to 7600K to warm up the scene and remove the majority of the strong blue color cast from shooting at this time of day and light. I am quite happy with the end result and it just goes to show that with the right knowledge and craft you can create stunning images in less than optimal shooting conditions!


Vermont Autumn Color Part 2


Ok, just checking in from Vermont and I have some new images to share! It’s been down right cold for the past few nights with temps in the mid to low thirties. The color in the Green Mountains between Killington and Granville is at about 70% right now and it is vibrant. My workshop starts tomorrow at noon, so I am just putting together the last items of the schedule right now and catching up on emails.

Also, my online Abstract Photography course in now live! check it out:

Enjoy! Joe


Vermont Autumn Color Update and New Images


Vermont is amazing so far and I have been working my ass off from 4am until well after dark for the past 2 days. Here are a few images from the scouting trip so far!  I visited old haunts as well as a few new areas in search of fall color and locations for this weeks workshop which starts on Friday.

Enjoy! Joe


West Virginia Autumn Color Photo Workshop

West Virginia holds a secret. Its mountains rival New England in tapestries of red, orange, gold, green and blue. And there is no other finer spot in all of West Virginia in the fall than the Monongahela National Forest. This is an amazing place for nature and landscape photography in any season, but in autumn it is truly awesome. From the fiery red covered heath barrens of Bear Rocks and Dolly Sods to swirling leaves in plunge pools of mighty waterfalls, this area is by far the mid-Atlantic’s best kept autumn secret. Let me take you on a journey to some of the best spots in the Monongahela for classic autumn color hot spots.

West Virginia Autumn Workshop 
October 8 – 11, 2009
Only 4 spots left!

Contact me with any questions pertaining to schedule, lodging or transportation. email at


A little taste of the palces we’ll go!



Autumn Color at Spruce Knob Lake, Monongahela National Forest, West Virginia

Autumn Color at Spruce Knob Lake

Autumn Color at Spruce Knob Lake

Don’t miss out on our West Virginia Fall Color Workshop, October 8 -11, 2009. Based out of Blackwater Falls State Park and including location shoots at Bear Rocks, Table Rock, Blackwater Falls, Douglas Falls, Elekala Falls, Canaan Valley State Park, Spruce Knob and much more!  Click here for more info and registration.


Vermont Autumn Color Photography Workshop


Vermont Autumn Color Workshop

Click here to view the workshop flyer, Vermont Image Gallery and my article :8 Essential Tips for Autumn Color”



Annapolis One Day HDR Workshop and some other stuff

What a busy week! We have been juggling planning the Meadowlark Expo, a big submission of images for next months Photo Techniques Magazine (I am the featured artist and 9 limited edition prints will be available to order through the magazine and their website), getting a presentation put together for next weeks lecture at the South Jersey Camera Club and our one day workshop in Downtown Annapolis. We had a big group of 16 students on the workshop and I would like to extend a big thanks to Karen Messick  for her help in assisting for the day. Karen was absolutely wonderful and did a superb job of helping the clients in the field and classroom. Not an easy task as cold as it was yesterday morning, frigid.

Here are few images I made during the morning shoot. I was too busy jumping back and forth between students to really concentrate on any of the images, so please go easy on me. Joe