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August 26, 2010


Country Barn and Goldenrod at Sunset

by josephrossbachphoto

Country Barn and Goldenrod at Sunset

After finding this amazing field of Goldenrod on the north end of Jefferson Notch, I decided to return on several occasions at sunrise and sunset. Over the course of 4 days back and forth, I was treated with great light only once. Luckily this was on my fourth and last visit and I had already scouted out a few compositions. Of course the clouds and light never lined up that night in such a way that I was able to fully realize those previous comps. The good news was that I had begun to get into a rhythm with the location and when the magic happened I was able to quickly react and shoot a few comps that worked really well.

Thanks for having a look and best of light!

Joe Rossbach

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  1. Aug 26 2010

    Great shot. Man, this is right in my backyard too! I have to get up there more often.

  2. Nce equilibriun between clouds in the background and flower in first plane.


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