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November 3, 2009


Great Falls Autumn Workshop 2009 & End of the Fall Workshop Season

by josephrossbachphoto
This past weekend marked the end of our fall workshop season with our Great Falls Autumn Workshop. The weather was challenging with lots of clouds and rain. No breaks in the sun at all for 3 days! We made the best of it and all came away with some really nice images. The color was pretty sweet especially along Scotts Run. Here is a small gallery of images. Enjoy!

To order prints, sign up for nature photography workshops and classes as well as browse a large selection of images from across the United States, please visit my website at

Our Next event is at Meadowlark, VA:

Mini-Workshop at Meadowlark Nature Center

In this four-hour mini-workshop, we will describe the techniques of abstract photography, of line and shape, as well as multiple exposure, panning, macro techniques, and software manipulation. Two hours will be devoted to outdoor experience. Please dress appropriately.

Register here 

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  1. Nov 3 2009

    Nice photos.

    I went to a photo workshop up at Tremont. It was an awesome trip, and I got some really sweet photos, but I pretty much knew what they were teaching,


  2. mountaintrailphoto
    Nov 3 2009

    Thanks Raven!

    What workshop company was it with?


  3. Nov 3 2009

    Dont remember now, it was about 3-4 years ago….the people were extra nice, I suppose I was helping the others as much as the instructors, LOL.



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