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North Window frames Turret Arch at sunrise, Arches National Park, Utah.

Window on the West

I got lucky on this shot of Turret Arch framed through North Window in Arches National Park. This iconic location is a tough spot to come away with original compositions, but with a little personal vision and a helping hand from Mother Nature anything is possible. First of all, the classic shot is a horizontal composition with north Window filling the frame and Turret Arch in the center. Add in some bold first morning light and you’ve got yourself the classic icon shot. For me, I pre visualized a vertical comp going way wide and a prayed for some interesting clouds above. To my delight,  the cloud shape formed a perfect V pushing the eye back down into the image and refocusing the viewers attention on the main subject,  Turret Arch framed by North Window. I also included a bit more of the bottom of the arch as well to create a sweeping C curve formed by North Window.


Autumn Transitions, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Autumn Transitions

Autumn Transitions

Summer is ending and autumn is beginning to take over in the Appalachian Mountains. This shot is from a favorite location at sunrise in Shenandoah National Park from this past weekend. I took my family camping and hiking on Saturday and Sunday. I managed to steal away for a bit and was rewarded with some great light at sunrise.

This is a manual blend of 2 exposures (Adobe CS4).

Thanks for your feedback! Joe


Mirror on the Atlantic

Mirror on the Atlantic

Originally uploaded by Joseph Rossbach(

Sunset along the Atlantic Ocean, Cape May, New Jersey. After the storms rolled through, I was rewarded with an amazing display of light along the beach just north of Cape May. I used a 3 stop graduated (hard) ND filter to hold back the exposure in the sky. I waited until after a wave came up and washed back which created a mirror reflection in the wet sand. Nature simply is mazing!