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South Window, Arches National Park, Utah

While shooting in Arches National Park, I visited the iconic North and South Windows. You know the famous shot of Turret Arch framed by North Window. While looking around for a unique perspective on South Window, I found a nice set of sandstone and boulders below the backside of the arch that served perfectly as an interesting foreground as well as a powershape to lead the eye into the image. The sky was filled with some really interesting clouds and I wanted to use my solid ND to run an exposure of several minutes only to realize I had left it at home. Not to worry, I knew from previous experimentation that I could use the multiple exposure function in my Nikon to create a similar effect. I dialed in a multiple exposure of 10 frames. The base exposure for the shot was only 1/4 of a second at F16. Not nearly long enough to record movement in the clouds. What I did to create this implied movement in the sky was to take a shot and then wait 10 seconds before taking the next in the sequence of 10. The time-lapse between each capture allowed the clouds to drift and record as a streaked look in the final shot.


Winter Woods Abstract

Winter Woods Abstract

 10 image multiple exposure pan in camera.