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Country Barn and Goldenrod at Sunset

Country Barn and Goldenrod at Sunset

After finding this amazing field of Goldenrod on the north end of Jefferson Notch, I decided to return on several occasions at sunrise and sunset. Over the course of 4 days back and forth, I was treated with great light only once. Luckily this was on my fourth and last visit and I had already scouted out a few compositions. Of course the clouds and light never lined up that night in such a way that I was able to fully realize those previous comps. The good news was that I had begun to get into a rhythm with the location and when the magic happened I was able to quickly react and shoot a few comps that worked really well.

Thanks for having a look and best of light!

Joe Rossbach

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This American Life


I traveled to Salem County New Jersey just the other day to give a presentation to the Salem County Art League. Never knowing what the traffic will be like around the Wilmington/Philadelphia region, I left very early and arrived on site 3 hours before the start of the show. There were awesome thunderstorms earlier in the day and the sky left over from the storms was dramatic and full of fast-moving clouds. I decided to take a ride around Salem County looking for old barn and any other relics of Americana that caught my interest. Here a few of the shots from yesterday. Enjoy!

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West Virginia Photo Trip Part 3: Red Barn HDR

I wanted to share some images of this old red barn I found south of Canaan Valley on the first morning of the trip. I had finished up shooting sunrise in the state park and needed to head south towards Seneca Rocks to prepare for my afternoon hike at North Fork Mountain. I’ll get to the North Fork Mountain Hike in a couple of days. So anyway, as I was driving south on Rt. 32 I spotted this red barn sitting on a hill. It was still very early in the morning and the light was soft but complex. The field was in deep shade while the sky and some of the trees were brightly lit. Right of the bat I knew HDR would be a perfect solution for the complex lighting scenario. Lets get to the images shall we.

For the first image in the series I used my wide angle 12-24mm set at 12 to capture the entire scene. I wanted to place the fence into the lower section of the frame and have the barn sitting in the upper 2/3 of the image. I needed maximum depth of field for this image to ensure the fence post and the barn were both tact sharp. Stopping down to f16 I held down my depth of field preview button and focused the lens until both were pretty sharp. I then closed down the aperture 1 more f-stop to f22 to maximize the depth in the image. I set my camera to Auto exposure Bracketing for 7 frames at .7ev intervals. Using 3d Matrix metering, I set my base exposure and went trough the process of recording all 7 frames ( making sure to use mirror lock-up for each shot to kill any in camera vibrations). This images was processed in Photomatix HDR and tone mapped. After Photomatix, the shot was brought into Lightroom V2 for the final touches.

Same steps as the image above, but only shot vertically. I try to make a habit of shooting all scenes in horizontal and vertical formats. You never know which format will be preferred by an art director or editor.

for this last image in the series, I used my Lensbaby G3. I like to use a little creative excersise in the field of taking a lens or posotion completly oposite of the original capture. For example, If i shot the scene with my wide angle lens and I was happy with the results, I will go ahead and throw on my 70-200mm and see what kind of image I can make of the exact same scene. its a great exercise that will really get your creative juices flowing. So for this shot after I had made a number of images with the 12-24mm, I slapped on the Lensbaby with a very wide open aperture to throw much of the scene out of focus. Using the control points on the front of the lens really allowed me to accurately set the point of focus. Once again, I recorded 7 frames at .7ev intervals and then processed the image with Photomatix and Lightroom V2.

Hope you enjoyes todays posting and I will be back again tomorrow with some brand new images from the wolds of West Virginia.