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Print of the Month: Fire and Ice, Indian Peakes Wilderness, Colorado

Fire and Ice

For the month of July, I am releasing a 12×18″ Fine Art Print of “Fire and Ice” printed on Fujichrome Super Gloss at a discounted price of $100.00. I made this image in the high country of the Indian Peaks Wilderness at Blue Lakes under the Continental Divide. The hike up was tough and I encountered down pours, sleet and sub freezing temps in order to be on location for the sweet light.

SuperGloss uses a unique polyester base that give it an incredible gloss and creates a depth and dimensionality that has to be seen to be believed. This depth helps SuperGloss prints reflect more light which makes them more brilliant than other papers, and the colors are deeper and richer than even Pearl or Metallic papers. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks to receive your signed print via Fed Ex.

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Elakala #2, Shays Run, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

Swirly Falls

I spent a long 3 day weekend camping and hiking with my son Phoenix in the Mountains of West Virginia and western Maryland. On Sunday, we hiked and scrambled down to Elakala Falls and Second Falls of Shays Run. After climbing around on the rocks and waiting in the plunge pool below the falls, I took a chance to work a few comps of the scene. For this shot I was in the water with Phoenix. He was kind enough to hold the shutter release and trip the shot when i told him I was ready. Great kid!!


Behind the Rocks bathed in sunset light under the La Sal Mountains from Poision Spider Mesa, Moab, Utah

Fins on Fire

 I made this image on the last night of another epic western trip to Colorado to shoot wildflowers and monsoon light and then a brief foray into Moab to work some desert light before heading back. On this fateful eve, myself and fellow photographers Alex Mody and Chris Kayler took Alex’s tricked out 4×4 monster FJ up onto Poison Spider Mesa to shoot this not so iconic location from a spot about 2/3 of the way up the mesa. The trail was rough and involved some serious rock crawling and super technical 4×4 maneuvering to get to our intended spot. Arriving with a couple of hours to spare before sunset, we decided to venture onward and upward towards the top of the mesa. The road continued to deteriorate, but we landed safely on top with no problem, or so we thought!!

As we turned around at the top of the loop and began back down on flat and smooth packed dirt, we felt the truck buckle and bounce on the driver side. Thinking at first we had hit a rock or were perhaps dragging something, Alex stopped the truck to inspect. To our horror  the axle had snapped at the joint and the tire was buckled under the front of the car. Now that was an OH SHIT moment for sure! With no other options, we put on our backs what we could carry and began the long 5 mile walk down the mesa to the trail head where my Element was parked. Not being able to get to our original shooting location in time, I settled for a telephoto comp as the light broke and bathed the fins of Behind the Rocks in glowing red light for only moments before the sun disappeared once again behind monsoon clouds on the western horizon. As we made our way down the trail in the gathering darkness, I was struck by the unconditional beauty and unforgiving nature of the desert and just how lucky we were to have broken down on this evening in the the land of burning rock and big sky.


Waterfall in Porphyry Basin, San Juan Mountains, Colorado


always a good day when you almost flip in your friends FJ of the side of a small shelf road, get stuck and have to wait countless hours for a tow to show up and barley pull the thing back from the edge of disaster. just another day in the life of a nature photog…..great light that night made it all seem worth it.

Porphyry Basin Falls at sunset, San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

More…visit Joseph Rossbach/Impressions of Nature


New Portfolio “Hinterlands” added to the website!

Dillon Pinnacles

I have been working on a new portfolio entitled “Hinterlands” inspired by my travels and adventures in the vast wide open wilds of the US. 12 new images just added (most from my travels this summer in Colorado).

Explore the Hinterlands


Notes from the field: Shrine Pass Sunset

You can now read my latest instalment of Notes from the field on my website!

 Click here to read more and view images from last nights sunset on Shrine Pass!


Great Falls One Day Summer Workshop Announcement

We just added an exciting new summer workshop at Great Falls National Park in Virginia on Saturday July 24th! This one day (sunrise to sunset) workshop is limited to 5 people. Registrations just opened up and this one will fill up fast!

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Acadia National Park 2010

Thunder Hole at First Light

I just returnd home from a 14 day trip to Acadia National Park on the rugged coast of Maine. I worked the light and the weather every day from before sunrise at 3;30am until well after sunset each night. While many of the days were socked in with rain and fog, those rare moments when the weather and light came together made all my long hours and work worth the while. You can view a selection of my top 20 images from the trip on my website. Just follow the link below to have a look! Thanks in advance, Joe.

Acadia National Park 2010 Top Select Images


Notes from the Field: Acadia National Park

You can read about my first three days on the Maine Coast, and view a selection of the images I have produced so far by following the link below.

Notes from the Field: Acadia National Park


Outdoor Photographer Magazine Profiles Joseph Rossbach

My profile with Outdoor Photographer magazine is now live on the OP website. Look for the interview in print in the June edition of the magazine.

Reat it here live on the Op website!