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July 26, 2010


Cast Your Vote for my next gallery show (Image Series #1)

by josephrossbachphoto

Hello everyone,

Possessions Gallery in Melrose, MA will now be displaying my Fine Art Photography. I am in the process of selecting a series of images for display and would like your input in the process. Over the next couple of days I will be adding a selection of images and I would appreciate it it very much if you would vote for your favorite image from each series. I will use the feedback to help me decide which images will be on display. Please have a look at the images and cast your vote below. Thanks very much!!

In a Dream

Aspen Dance

Summer Swirls

The Wave

Autumn Brush Strokes

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  1. NancyThorington
    Jul 26 2010

    This is not easy!

  2. jay
    Jul 26 2010

    i vote for #2..there is good emotion in this photo..interesting design

  3. Bryan
    Jul 27 2010

    The Wave might be the most jaw-dropping photo, but I think In A Dream elicits more emotion.

  4. Jul 28 2010

    All are wonderful images. “In a Dream” immediately caught my mind and led me to start daydreaming of places like this where I have been.

  5. Penny Johnson
    Jul 28 2010

    “In a Dream” gives me a sense of PEACE šŸ™‚
    Peace, Peace, wonderful PEACE šŸ™‚

  6. Jul 28 2010

    Aspen Dance is my favorite, but it kind of depends what kind of gallery it is. If they are okay with more abstract and perhaps primitive images I would go with Aspen Dance. It captures how I see the forest and how it communicates with me. However, if it a more realistic gallery then The Wave might be the better choice. šŸ™‚

  7. Chris
    Jul 29 2010

    They are all beautiful; all very different. ‘In a Dream’ captures some meaningful emotion: some warm, some raw~ Will be interesting to see which one is selected.

  8. Jul 29 2010

    All nice, but In a Dream may have more general appeal.

  9. Aspen Dance and close behind Summer Swirls

  10. Just fantastic


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