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February 8, 2010


Natures Design

by josephrossbachphoto

I have been trapped in the house since Friday with a record amount of snow outside my window, 32.6 inches in the last 48 hours on top of around 7 or 8 inches already on the ground from our last snow storm. I have been keeping busy and catching up on a ton of office work and processing some images from last fall that I never got around to. This morning I awoke around 3am and just could not get back to sleep. Instead of lying around on the couch and watching infomercials on great products that are sure to make my life that  much easier, I decided to get started on the day by answering a ton of emails, walking the dog in the crystalline air and going out for a ride around downtown Annapolis to see the damage done by the storm. I was considering making my out to Great Falls National Park in Virginia, but after hitting a wall of traffic on Rt. 50 from an overturned truck, I headed back to the house. While I was wondering around drinking coffee, I noticed some great crystals that had formed on the back window of the house.

I grabbed my gear and set it up in wait for the sun to come up and give me some light to work with. I was so enchanted with these crystals that spent the better part of two hours shooting a variety of compositions as the light changed. On a technical note, these shots were made with a D300, 105 Macro lens, Singh Ray LB Polarizer and shot in raw at ISO 200. I bracketed focus for each image and shot wide open at F4 to blur the background completely out of focus. I took the bracketed series of focus from each image and used Helicon Focus to blend them together for max. depth-of-field. On average, I bracketed 10 shots for each image. Enjoy!

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  1. Feb 8 2010

    I like these. Not only are they great images, but they are examples of what many of us can do from our house when we are trapped.

  2. Nancy Thorington
    Feb 9 2010

    Joe, these are beautiful. The crystals are all different and too often we just pass these by. Not sure I understand the processing but the results are fabulous. Unfortunately or fortunately, my house doesn’t get those great crystals but I do look for them at work.

  3. Janous
    Feb 9 2010

    The different patterns are very cool. It looks like you’ll get more chances for interesting around home pictures as we should get more snow today and tomorrow.

  4. Pat Worley
    Feb 10 2010

    Great shots. Love the detail and the different color blues.


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