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June 18, 2009


New Essential Software for every Outdoor Photographer

by josephrossbachphoto


Check out this amazing new software application which utilizes Google Earth and allows you to put in your coordinates and see where, when and from what angle the sun will be rising and setting anywhere in the world. Amazing! Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE! 

Here is the link:

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  1. Ernie
    Jun 18 2009

    Thanks Joe! This software is really useful and easy to use. And how often do we see useful photography tools that are FREE? Like never….

  2. josephrossbachphoto
    Jun 18 2009

    Thanks Ernie and enjoy! i am already mapping with the software areas for my upcoming trip next month to Colorado.

  3. Jun 18 2009

    Thanks, Joe! I wish I had this a long time ago!

  4. Jun 19 2009

    Thanks Joe,looks promising.

  5. Jun 25 2009

    There is an Application for the iPhone that does this too. The nice part is it does it for you right were you are at that very moment!! Now that is really cool!

  6. josephrossbachphoto
    Jun 25 2009

    Well, if I was hipster with an iphone, I guess I would already have this application :-}


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