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April 9, 2009

Getting Abstract at Brookside Gardens

by josephrossbachphoto

Here are a few images from Sunday afternoon of this past weekends Great Falls Workshop. The light was bright and clear so we headed over to Brookside Gardens after sunrise to work on macro photography and abstract techniques. These images were all made as demos for the group. On Saturday I lost about  $4,000 worth of equipment to the gods of the Potomac. Just after finishing up my last shoot of the evening while precariously perched on the edge of a rock cliff, I slipped and fell and knocked over my tripod and camera into the gorge. The sight of the Potomac River swallowing up this much equipment all at once made me sick. Not to mention, I lost all the images I shot that afternoon in the park. Great Falls has been very kind to me over the years. I guess it finally took its toll!

Anyway, I have already replaced all the gear lost and am looking forward to being down in the Smoky Mountains next week for some personal shooting before the workshop starts next Friday. Check back next week for new images from the Smokies and hopefully no new stories of loss and desperation from the wilds.



Tulips Abstract #1

Tulips Abstract #1

Tulip Abstract #2

Tulip Abstract #2

Tulip Abstract #3

Tulip Abstract #3

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