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March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

by josephrossbachphoto


We got hammered with over 8 inches of snow last night and int the morning. I went out for a while to see if I could make some new images of the fluffy stuff. I was planning on heading down to Quite Waters Park and shooting some of the great trees and open fields, but the park gates were locked. I ended up heading out into a rural area near the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds where I found some nice forest scenes and ended up shooting an old farm of the side of the road.

I shot all of these images with my 80-200mm to focus in on just the most important parts. I also jacked up my ISO to 500 and kept my aperture around f8 – f11 to get a really fast shutter speed in order to show the snow falling and catch some of the drama of the blowing snow from the nearby field.

Here are a few I have processed so far.




Don’t forget about the Meadowlark Nature Photography Expo  this weekend, March 7-8 . If you manage to make it by remember to stop by our sales booth and say hello to Amber and myself.

Presentation: Beyond the basics: Tips and techniques for creating stunning nature and landscape images. Sunday @ 10:30am

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