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December 22, 2008


The Busy Season; in the office that is

by josephrossbachphoto

I have not been out to shoot for almost 2 weeks now and I feel as if I am losing my mind:]

O.K., so its not that bad. I guess I am just being a little dramatic. It is supposed to be the slow time of the year for us photographers, but I have never been so busy with a multitude of projects. Trying to plan the 2009 Meadowlark Expo, finishing up writing my half of the 50 amazing things book, contributing images and text for another book project, more details to come in the next few weeks, installing a new computer and taking registrations for 2009 classes and workshops, shwew!

So, I just installed the latest verion of Photshop CS4 and must say it is very nice indeed. I have been having some fun stiching images I shot as panaramics this past summer and fall.

Here is one from Colorado from a private workshop/tour I lead in July.


I also downloaded the plug-in for Photomatix for Lightroom and it make it a real cinch to move images directly from the library module into Photomatix. Here is an example to whet your appetite.


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  1. Dec 29 2008

    Strange affect/effect. Thanks


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