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November 6, 2008


Ripples and Reflections

by josephrossbachphoto


While leading my West Virginia Workshop I made this image of autumn reflections and ripples in a small pond in Canaan Valley. It was an absolutely still morning and the glass like mirror reflections where are focus. I wanted to demonstrate to the group how to make an image a little outside of the box by the simple act of tossing a rock in the water. The light was not striking the surface of the water, yet the trees on the opposite bank where brilliantly lit by early morning sunlight. By bumping my ISO up to 200 and opening up my aperture to only f11, I was able to get enough DOF but at the same time have a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the movement of the ripples undulating across the surface of the pond! I would love to hear what you think about this image, so please drop in a leave me a comment.

Best, Joe

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  1. Nov 6 2008

    I think it’s outstanding and a good lesson to remember to never leave a place without first giving it some thought to doing something new and different.

  2. Nov 9 2008

    I love the extraordinary way you captured the fall colors. Creativity is the key.

  3. Jim March
    Nov 11 2008

    I like the ripples and color. The lower right with the sky tends to keep pulling my eye away which is somewhat distracting.


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