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September 10, 2008

Three more images from the Chesapeake Bay

by josephrossbachphoto

Here are three more images from over the weekend I made at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Upon arriving before sunrise to enter the refuge we were halted due to the road being closed for repairs. No big deal. We parked our cars along the side of the road and simply walked into the refuge. As we approached our location the sun was beginning to rise over the Loblolly Pines across the water. The entire group mounted their cameras a quickly as possible and began making images. The light was soft and dramatic and I was able to make three images for the collection. 

Here is the first.

I used my 80-200mm to tightly frame the scene and really focus the viewers attention on the rising sun and its reflection in the water. I intentionally placed the sun directly in the center of the frame and broke the rule of thirds on this one. This choice of framing just seemed appropriate for the image. I am sure many will disagree. 

I made this image with the same set up as the one above. I simply moved my camera position about 30 yards to the right and focused in on the pillings in the water. I framed the sun inside the center of 2 of the pilings thus creating a frame within a frame. I made sure to include the further set of pilings in the image to give a scene of visual depth and move the viewers eye through the image.

This image is of a Loblolly Pine sitting on the edge of the point and surrounded by marsh grass. I used my 12-24mm and got very low to the ground to emphasize the grass and allow them to fill the lower 1/3 of the frame. The lone tree appears to be rising out of a sea of grasses and is complimented by a rich blue and red sky. Notice that the color contrast works very well. The green and yellow grass are complimentary of the blue and red sky. It is so important to pay careful attention to these color relationships when composing your shots.

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