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September 9, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna at sunset from Black Walnut Point, MD

by josephrossbachphoto

I wanted to share an image I made over the weekend while leading a photography workshop on the Chesapeake Bay. We were stuck in the hotel all day doing presentations and critiques due to the heavy rains and high winds which made it next to impossible to be in the field shooting. We decided to take a chance and head out to Black Walnut Point at sunset in hopes of catching some dramatic light. The edge of big storms are some of my favorite times to be in the field as they can produce some amazing light if there is a clearing on the horizon.

Upon arriving at Black Walnut Point the winds were wiping off the water around 35 to 40 miles an hour and creating huge wave breaks along the rock beach. It was for sure some of the most challenging weather conditions I have ever shot in. The problem was the wind. It was nearly impossible to keep the tripod steady during the exposure. This resulted in having to shoot 40 or 50 shots just to get one that was sharp. I was trying to time the image for when the waves broke on the rocks and shot into the air. The light was fleeting and I was only able to come away with 2 dramatic images that were sharp out of 150 shots. 

Here is the first. shot with my 80-200mm to avoid being to close to the breaking and blowing water which with my wide angle ended up spraying the lens to the point it would have been nearly impossible to fix in post processing. 

Here is the second image from the evening taken about 20 minutes later when the sun was sitting on the horizon and bathing the scene in soft warm light.

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