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August 8, 2008


Chesapeake Bay Workshop Day 1: Morning shoot at St. Mike’s

by josephrossbachphoto

The workshop has not actually began yet, but I managed to pull my tail out of bed at 3:00am and head down to the Maritime Museum in Saint Michael’s. If you have never been to the Maritime Museum, you should plan a at least a sunrise and sunset shoot. There are so many different things to photograph from sunrise over the bay, fishing boats, the Light House, rustic structures and tons of great reflected images in the many boat and shed mirrors in the grounds. I spent over 2 hours shooting and scouting and came away with a nice collection of images. Here are a few.

This image of Hooper Light reflecting in this rustic shed window was made by shooting 5 images at 1 stop intervals with my 12-24mm and Singh Ray Color Combo. This is a HDR image that was processed in Photomatix and finishing touches with Lightroom 2.

This shot was made looking out over the water as the sun broke the horizon and cast these beautiful reflections in the water. I allowed the suns reflections in the frame to add a bit of visual tension. I used my 80-200mm zoom the isolate only the strongest colors in the water.

As the sun rose a bit higher it painted this old shed in warm directional morning light. I got low to the ground with my 12-24mm and framed a wide view of the shed and boats in the harbor. Because of the strong contrast and harsh shadows, I choose to shoot 7 images at .7 stop intervals and processing the shoot in Photomatix Pro 3.

This is a great situation for a black and white conversion. Nice early morning side light with shadows and highlights perfectly compliment the scene. I used a 2 stop graduated Nd filter to darken the sky and brightly lit upper 2/3 of the frame while allowing details in the darker foreground to shine through. I converted the image to Black & White in Lightroom 2.

More to come in the next couple of days !

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  1. Aug 8 2008

    Looking good Joe! I’ve got to get out a map and see just where this place is! I believe Tony was just there too, no?


  2. Aug 8 2008

    Got it! It’s about 3 hours from where I live… Maybe that is the place we need to meet someday to shoot together?



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