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July 19, 2008

Great Falls Day 2: AM Shoot

by josephrossbachphoto

O.K., after shooting the moonrise last night and processing images and updating the blog, I finally fell asleep well after midnight and was up at 4:00am to get ready for our outing in the park at sunrise. The hot weather in conjunction with the cool air in the gorge last night produced some really nice mist at sunrise. I was very happy our group was able to experience this type of light in Mather Gorge ! After shooting at the first overlook for about 30 minutes, we packed our bags up and headed off trail to a section of the river not far from where we were last night at sunset. The river mist and warm light hung on for about an hour this morning which gave everyone ample enough time to line up dozens of different compositions. After the light became to harsh a few of us focused our energy on shooting a beautiful Dragonfly. This Dragonfly ended up holding a great pose for about 20 minutes and even allowed us to get within 2 inches for some really tight macro shots. Right now everyone is resting and later this afternoon at 1:00pm we will meet for a 3 hour classroom session. after that its off to the Maryland side to see what we can get into. Check back later today or tomorrow morning for some stories and images from this afternoons outing. All the best, Joe.

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